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Time To Get Your Pool Ready For The Holidays!

Time to Get Your Pool Ready for the Holidays!
Nothing is like walking out to see your beautiful pool when company comes to visit! If you need help getting it in shape to look beautiful, just give Doug a Call 760-409-3763
Let’s do a little review: Your pool pump and motor keep the water circulating to help keep it clean. Your filter cleans the water as it is circulated through it. Your heater keeps the water at the perfect temperature you like. Your salt water system keeps the water at the best chemical balance and is easy on your skin and eyes. Your valves hold your water at the correct height and switches back and forth between pool and spa. Your remote control system allows you complete control from any location, you can turn the heater on when you leave dinner so the temperature is just right when you get home to relax in the pool before bed. Your plaster / pebble surface keeps the water in and gives you the beautiful look you like so much. Your pool tiles bridge the space between the air and…

Tree Root Problems With My Pool, What Do I Need To Do?

Tree Root Problems With My Pool, What Do I Need To Do? This truly is a very extreme picture of damage tree roots can do to your pool, your deck, and your plumbing! Most of the time, the damage is much more subtle.You might have a higher water bill (roots cause leaks).You might notice that your salt cell can’t keep up with the chemistry (leaks caused by roots have the effect of taking the chemicals with the water running out)