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Plaster or Pebble?

When trying to make a choice about any product, there are always plus's and minus's to consider.
So lets talk about white plaster: The good news about white plaster is that it is cheaper by about $2,000 than pebbletec.  The bad news is that it is a very soft product and generally needs to be replaced within 8 years of installation.  I always tell my clients that the best white plaster will ever look is the day I install it.  It is the very nature of white plaster to slowly degrade over time causing it to turn gray, stain, and ultimately chip out.  Now you know this because most of us have been in pools that feel rough and cut up your feet.  That is a prime example of a white plaster pool breaking down and leaving sharp edges behind.  The start up time for white plaster is two weeks during which time you may not use the pool.
So now lets talk about pebbletec: The good news Pebbletec is that has a warranty of 10 years and a life expectancy of......."I don't know".   T…