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Pool Equipment needs periodic repair or replacement.  If the equipment (pump & motor, filter, heater, valves, etc) can be fixed, that is the first priority for most customers.  If it is not repairable, then replacement is the next concern.
There are two times when equipment is paid for......first when you buy it and second when you run it.
It costs more to produce quality, energy efficient pumps & motors and heaters, so they generally cost more upfront when they are purchased.
Then it is time to use the equipment and you will find that it costs less in electricity and gas to operate the equipment.
On the other hand......
Cheaper costing equipment usually doesn't have the qualities of energy efficiency so it is cheaper to purchase and then expensive to operate.
So, there is no way to skip the payment, you just have to decide if you want equipment that is inexpensive to buy OR inexpensive to run.  You don't get to have it both ways.
There are many options, and we will be…