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Do You Have Pool Problems?   We have Pool Solutions! Remote Control Systems for My Pool.......Why would I want this? Just like the remote to your TV, it is nice to have all your pool systems at your finger tips.   You can use your smartphone to:
Set the heater temperature and get it heating a couple hours in advance of the time you may want to use it so it is all warmed up and ready to go.  Maybe you have gone out of town and the temperatures have changed and you need to run your equipment longer or less depending on what is required....that is an easy adjustment.Your jets can be altered by remote. You can even use it to control features in your yard, like lighting or fountains.Essentially anything that is wired into the computer can be controlled by the remote control unit or by your smartphone app.  You can use it from the comfort of your lounge chair instead of getting up and going outside to change the controls, or from across the country while you are on vacation.