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Color LED Pool Lighting!

ColorLED Pool Lighting!
There are two ways to upgrade an inground pool lights to color changing LED lights.  1.Replace the entire light fixture 2.Just replace the bulb. Most pool light fixtures (housing and cord) will last upwards of 30 years before needing replacement, and replacing the bulb is easier than replacing the entire fixture, at least, far less complicated.
Installing an LED pool light bulb, and installing a Colored pool lights, or color changing pool lights, are bathing pools in pink, blue and green lighting. LED colored pool lights really make your pool glow with color. Advantage to installing an LED pool light versus just installing an LED pool bulb? If your pool lamp is over 30 years old, it may need replacing soon, but the bigger reason is that LED lamps tend to be a bit brighter than LED pool bulbs, partially due to the enhanced lens design used on LED lamps. Another benefit is that complete LED pool lights can be automatically controlled, synced and integrated to existing …

A Pool Heater Is Not A Luxury Item!

If you're like me, pool water is perfect in the 85° for the pool and 101° for the spa. For many people, there's about 4 weeks of perfect water temperature, naturally heated by the sun, and then there's the rest of the season, less than 80°. That doesn't bother some people, but if you like warm water, decide on which is best for you - solar, electric or gas pool heat, and have it installed. A pool heater can be added at any time. Also, in our beautiful valley, we have amazing solar exposure for solar heating.
There are several types of heaters (solar, electric, or gas) and several different sizes (BTU for heating).Each swimming pool seems to have its own personality and its own equipment set ups, so that is the reason for the different options.
To decide which one fits your pool the best and also accomplishes what you want it to do (heating time, efficiency, etc.) Call Doug 760-409-3763to review what would work best for you, with a no …

When Should You Order A Pool Inspection? BEFORE you buy your new home!

When Should You Order A Pool Inspection?
BEFORE you buy your new home!
It is common to order a home inspection, but seldom do folks order a POOL inspection.Home inspectors don’t generally understand the pool and its equipment.Sure, they can look at it and tell if a wire is loose or if it’s dripping water or sucking air, but they don’t really understand what they are evaluating.
Many of us are contemplating buying a new home with the improved economy.It is important to know the status of the pool before you make a buying decision because of the costs that could be hidden in necessary and undiscovered pool repairs.
“Pool Problems? LLC” offers the pool inspection that checks the pool surface, pool tile, surface plumbing, and the normal operation of the pool equipment, to include the valves, gas and pvc connections.This inspection is not only a “visual” inspection, but also a “safety inspection”, and is very important to have your pool evaluated so you know age of the equipment, and any de…

Shifting Earth And Pool Leaks Can Be A Hassle! Find it....Fix it......Pool Problem Solved

Pool Leaks Can Be A Hassle!
Especially if you don’t really know what is going on.
Everyone is afraid of the unknown……SO… Find it……..                                                               Fix it……… Pool Problem Solved.
Life is good!
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