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Salt Water Pool Systems Pros and Cons

When people think of pool filters, they typically picture a traditional filtration system that chlorinates the pool water. Although chlorine pool systems are effective at maintaining a clean and clear swimming pool, chlorine itself is a hazardous material. In concentrated amounts, chlorine can irritate a swimmer's skin and make it very uncomfortable to keep their eyes open underwater. Fortunately, as modern pool filtration systems become more sophisticated, pool owners are able to move away from traditional chlorine filters and install pool salt water systems instead.
Benefits of Salt Water Pool Systems There are many benefits associated with pool salt water systems. Many people may be surprised to learn that a salt water system doesn't actually mean their pool water becomes as salty as the ocean. In fact, the pool water that runs through a salt water filter still contains chlorine, just in a less concentrated amount. This is because the chlorine is introduced into the system …

Cleaning vs Replacing Waterline Tiles

A great looking swimming pool is always a positive feature on any property. Like a fresh cut lawn or a newly painted house, a pristine swimming pool is an eye-catching feature that will improve the overall appearance of any yard. Over time however, certain parts of your pool's appearance may start to decline. Waterline tiles are often prone to some type of deterioration over time. In many cases, proper pool care and regular cleaning can help maintain your pool surfaces, but eventually you may need to replace your waterline tiles entirely. To help you determine when its time to replace or simply clean and/or repair the waterline tiles in your pool, take a look at the helpful tips written below.
Sun Damage Over time, waterline tiles exposed to direct sunlight will start to fade. While some tiles are more resilient against sun damage, eventually the regular exposure to sunlight will give your waterline tiles a bleached and faded appearance. Not only do sun damaged tiles look bad, the…