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Mineral deposits can make your tiles look bad.  It also hurts the tile, over time.  WHY the deposits?

Simple, there are minerals in our water.  As the water heats up, it evaporates and we add more water to keep the correct water level in the pool.  This new water brings with it more minerals. 
The minerals never evaporate or dissolve!  What they do is attach themselves to your pool tile.

So, what to do?
We used to recommend emptying and refilling the pool every year for just this reason, get the mineral concentration reduced.  However water costs have skyrocketed in our valley so that is no longer appreciated.
In the old days, folks used to use a lava rock and scrub the minerals off.   The tile problem they found was that the lava rock actually scratched the tile and left it still looking bad, as in badly scratched. 
It was fixing one thing and making a new pool tile problem.
Now days, we use high pressure bead peening.  Depending on the t…
Resurfacing your pool........Plaster or Pebble?
The cost of pebble, the look of pebble, the feel of pebble tec............personal choice

The cost of plaster, the look of plaster, the feel of plaster...........personal choice

If you are going for durability and low maintenance, then generally pebble tec is recommended.

However, you have to balance your personal choices into your decision. 

As with most things, you pay for something up front, or you pay as you use it.

In the case of plaster, you are paying less up front, more as you use it.  Costs in maintenance and cleaning are generally higher for plaster.  Plaster is also more susceptible to a varieties of algae.

In the case of pebble, you are paying more up front, but less as you use it.  Costs in maintenance and cleaning are generally lower for pebble.

So far as personal choice:  Most folks just like the feel or look of one over the other and are willing to accept the costs involved to hav…
Swimming Pool Remodel and Renovation
Thinking about changing your pool?  All kinds of fun options are available!! Change the surface.....pebble or plaster? Change the steps? Add or remove a bench? Change to the color LED lights? Add or change a water feature? Add or change a railing?
Tell us your ideas and we will help you make a plan! For your free estimate.  Call Doug 760-409-3763
Swimming Pool Remodel And Renovation
The question comes up every so often, why use pebble or why use white plaster?
The history of white plaster is that it used to be REALLY strong, but that is because it used to have asbestos in the mix.  Thank goodness it no longer does, but that also means that it is no longer so strong.  The BEST white plaster will look is the day it is done and we walk out the door.  It is more prone to stains from your plant debris, and algae infections.  You can acid wash it about three times in its lifetime of use.  It is only warrantied for 5 years.  It usually holds up for around ten years, depending on how it is cared for.  Some folks just like this the best and it is what they want to see in their pool.

The history of pebble is about 36 years from its first use, and most of those pools are still in good shape. It costs a little bit more, but most people prefer it and find it worth the little extra cost.
It comes in several colors and is much less susceptibl…
Pool Pumps & Motors
Its the time of the year to begin running your equipment a little longer per day.  You may be leaving the valley, or even if you are staying you are using your air conditioning more and this is one way you look to cut your electrical costs.  Please don't. Your pool is more susceptible to problems during the hot months and needs run time to clean itself up and keep it in good shape.  The electricity will cost you less (probably) than if you have to drain the pool (water is high cost right now) and clean it up or make repairs.  When the pump and motor are running, the filter is cleaning and the water is moving......both are good things for your pool.
One way to save if you have an old unit, is to choose a new pump and motor that offer horsepower (HP) options and speed options with the best efficiency and warranty in the pool industry.  Whisper quiet and costs less to operate, with oversized strainer basket and see-through lid.  These are engineered to provid…
Pool Lights Are SERIOUS Safety Issues!!"The best protection for families is inspection, detection, and correction of electrical hazards in and around swimming pools, hot tubs and spas".  Remember that water and electricity don't mix. If you notice anything that "looks" questionable or possibly hazardous, have it checked out immediately. 
ESPECIALLY questionable would be: Water visible in the light fixtureLight won't turn on Light fixture looseThe GFI keeps "popping" and turning the light offThe Circuit Breaker keeps "popping" and turning the light off Underwater (UW) Lighting UW lights have become a common, standard item in all pools. There are many manufacturers of light fixtures
Your UW lighting should give you few problems. Most bulbs will burn for 1,000 hours before re-lamping is necessary. The light fixture itself can last quite a while too, however, corrosive pool chemistry and shifting ground, can weaken the fixture and the…