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My Auto-Fill Is Running Constantly....Why?

My Auto-Fill Is Running Constantly……Why? Swimming Pool Auto-Fills or Automatic Water Levelers The Pool Auto-Fill is an automatic pool water leveler, designed to maintain the optimum water level in pools, spas and fountains. They are more commonly used in the warmer areas like our valley to maintain the proper water level in the pool even in hot weather when water evaporates quickly from the pool.They are used to add frequent make-up water. Automatic pool fillers have been around for a long time.The poolside canister design has not changed that much over time.Most use a float system (similar to that used in most common toilet tanks) to maintain the proper height of water in the pool to keep the pump and motor from running dry and burning out. (very important!)
Leaking Pool Auto-Fill? Leaks can occur in several places in a pool auto-fill, and cause loss of large amounts of water. The cylinder or bucket can crack. If an autofill valve begins to malfunction, it can leak out through the overflo…

My Pool Tiles Are Falling Off!

My Pool Tiles Are Falling Off! There are several reasons for this:
1    1Thin-set and grout have approximately a 10 year life.              If the installation was older than this, they can begin to fall.       2.  There has been A LOT of earth shifting this year and that can            cause the tiles to fall too.
      3. Bond Beam cracks can have an effect.
The bottom line is that we need to come out and take a look and see what is going on with your tile at your pool.
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