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SHIFTING GROUND IN THE DESERT - earthquakes and how they affect the pool
We had a pretty good earth shake a few weeks ago!
That means cracks in plumbing, decks, skimmers, plaster, and almost anything involving your pool and spa.  When in doubt, call Doug 760-409-3763!

What you need to know about pools and shifting.  Everything in the ground is moving independently from each other.  That means:
That the spa and pool move independently of each other. 
If you have a spillway between the two, it also moves independently from both the spa and the pool.If you have rocks or boulders as accents along the side of the pool, in the plaster, they each move independently from the pool and the deck.Your pool plumbing is encased in gunite (cement) and is prone to cracking when the ground shifts because it doesn't give, that means broken pipes and pool and spa leaks where you are losing water and pool chemistry.Your skimmer is a fiberglass insert that is cemented into the pool and deck attached to th…