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The Most Common Mistakes That Customers Make In The Hot Days Of Summer!
By HOT, we mean the extreme high heat temperatures consistently above 90 degrees!
First and foremost biggest mistake is the proper amount of time for filtration of a saltwater pools
           * The answer is that it takes 10 hours for the circulation pump and motor and the salt cell
              to work together to properly chlorinate, circulate and filter your pool water.

The second biggest mistake that we find customers making is setting the speed of their high-efficiency pumps and motors to a "too low" setting.  Too low of a setting such as levels one and two, are a concern.  If the pump is set at such a high efficiency setting, saving electricity, but barely moving the water at a time when the water is being stressed by such a high temperature, it is a big concern. Water must be "moved" in order to be chlorinated, circulated, and filtered.
           * The answer is to increase the pump a…
Salt Pool Conversions and InformationSalt Pool Conversions:

There are several models of choice which offers digital control of the pool chlorine levels ranging from 20% to 100% chlorination.  Most clients find that 60% to 80% operation is sufficient to easily maintain their pool and spa.

Installation is simple and easy to do.
How it Works: The 0.5 to 1.0 parts per million chlorine level is the lowest in the industry maintaining your pool and spa in perfect harmony.  It eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that sting your eyes, turn your hair green, leave your skin smelling of chlorine, and ruin your bathing suit.  Most people who have converted, say their pools have cut filter operation time down, thus saving on their electricity bills.  Overall, it is a win-win situation, especially being able to swim underwater with your eyes open with no problem. Instead of adding harsh chemicals such as chlorine (bleach) to your pool, you add salt.  The "salt cell" breaks…