Benefits of a Pool Deck Drain

Without proper pool deck drainage, you can often run into issues with standing water that remains on your pool deck after being splashed out of the pool. When water accumulates on the pool deck, problems can quickly start to follow if it is allowed to pool and seep into the cracks and spaces of your deck. Issues like pool deck stains, deterioration and even leaky basements are all connected to improper pool deck drainage. The best way to prevent these problems from turning into major issues, or from occurring in the first place is to arrange for pool deck drainage installation.

Strip Drain Installation
You can install a strip drain that is basically a narrow trough dug around your pool deck and covered with a grate that blends in with the pool deck design scheme. This trough funnels any pool or rainwater underground and away from your pool. These drains have the benefit of being able to divert large amounts of water away from a pool deck at one time. They are ideal for high traffic, recreational in-ground pools.

Single Spot Drain Installation
Spot drains are also an option if space is limited or the grade around your pool doesn't allow for easy water flow through an underground trench. A spot drain can be placed in a low spot on your patio or pool deck where water can gather and be drained by an underground pipe. These drains are ideally suited for large pool decks that are relatively flat.

Pool Deck Grading
Finally, if your pool deck is too stained or damaged to remain intact, you might consider rebuilding it so it slopes away from your pool. This will allow you to keep the deck pattern solid and uninterrupted by a drainage grate. It also is a good option when underwater trenches and pipes are too difficult to dig in the area of your pool.

Proper pool deck drain installation is something that is often best left to a professional team of pool technicians. At Pool Problems?, we offer a number of viable solutions for dealing with deck drainage issues. We also offer free estimates on all of our pool deck drain repair and installation services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking to improve your pool deck drainage situation. For more info, contact Doug at Pool Problems? today!

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