Issues With Detecting Pool & Spa Leaks

No matter what a pool & spa owner does, water levels will eventually drop over time. For the most part, minor water level drops in a pool or a spa are not a cause for concern. There are many common reasons why your pool or spa might lose water over a period of time. Frequent use of a pool can lead to a lot of water getting splashed out, and even the sun can cause your water level to drop during the hottest period of the summer. Cleaning your pool and spa can sometimes cause the water level to noticeably drop in a short period of time. This is mainly caused by running a filter on back-wash or a rinse cycle after vacuuming to clear the pool or spa filter of dirt and debris. While not all drops in a pool water level are a cause for concern, you can run into problems with leaks that will require repairs before they become a major problem. These leaks are prone to occur in certain areas around your pool and spa equipment and plumbing systems. Therefore, it can be helpful to know where to look if you suspect a leak is a cause for the water loss in your pool or spa.

Waterline Connections
If you find that you're having to frequently refill your pool or spa, a leak is most likely the culprit. Many pool owners may initially think to look inside their pool around the liner or interior finish, but there are other places where it is more likely for a leak to occur. A common place where leaks can be found is any pipe connection where water happens to pass through. If you can easily gain access to areas where water pipes are connected to your pool or spa filter, pump, or even the skimmer intake and water jets that return water back into the pool, make sure the connections are properly sealed. If you notice any steady dripping from these connections, it is best to turn off any pump functions and contact a professional to seal the leak properly.

Pool & Spa Coping and Structure
If your pool is a few decades old and has started to show signs of deterioration in the structure or watertight seals and coping, there is a good chance a leak has formed that causes water to flow out of the pool unseen. Similarly, a stand-alone, or built-in spa that has existed for an extended period may also have lost some structural integrity after time. It is always important to make sure your pool & spa are periodically checked for damage before or after every season, but sometimes issues with leaks can occur when you least expect. The problem with pool structure leaks, in particular, is not just with the fact that water is leaking out of the pool. It is also a concern when it comes to where exactly that water ends up. If a leak is not tracked down and repaired in a timely fashion, you can end up with a major problem on your hands that leads to water leaking underground and inside your home. For times when you can't seem to track down the cause of your pool or spa leak, it is vital that your contact a pool repair professional.

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