Most Popular Types of Pool & Spa Coping

When designing or upgrading an in-ground pool there are a lot of aesthetic choices to make. Most people have probably already put a lot of thought towards things like the pool's shape, the surrounding deck and of course the interior pool surface. One major aspect of your pool and/or spa's design structure that you may not have considered yet is the coping. Coping is essentially a cap for the edge of your in-ground pool or spa which serves a vital function by preventing water from leaking in behind the structure. Beyond the important structural role your pool coping plays, it also provides a great opportunity to put a unique decorative accent to enhance the appearance of your pool. To give you an initial idea of what you can do with your own pool & spa coping, take a look at the following popular coping designs below.

Brick and Paver Pool Coping
One of the most popular types of pool coping happens to work beautifully with most interlock brick or stone decks. Brick and paver pool coping can be installed on virtually any shaped pool, whether it features angled corners or smooth curved edges. A typical pool & spa coping installation using brick can cost somewhere in the range of $25-$30 per linear foot. A paver pool & spa coping installation can cost an average of $20-$25 per linear foot. The main difference between these two types of coping other than the cost is the type of edge on the material itself. Brick coping typically features a rounded edge, while pavers have a more defined angled edge.

Natural Stone Pool Coping
Like brick or paver pool coping, a natural stone finish works well with most stone or brick decks. Many people who choose natural stone as their coping material do so because it can integrate seamlessly with the appearance of their entire deck. Natural stone provides a solid cap over the edge of your pool that will remain intact for a number of years. Due to the additional colour, size and finish options, natural stone pool and spa coping installation tends to have varying costs. On average, natural stone coping costs $35-$55 per linear foot.

There are many more options for pool & spa coping available on today's market, but the ones described above happen to be among the most popular. For more information about pool & spa coping bead seal installation from Pool Problems? be sure to contact Doug today. 

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