Upgrade Your Concrete Pool Deck with Kool Decks

There are many materials that can be used to make a quality pool deck, but one of the most common materials found around backyard pools is concrete. Any swimming enthusiast will tell you that having a pool deck that is comfortable to walk on with bare feet is about as important as having a clean swimming pool. There are many benefits that come with using concrete to build your pool deck. It is highly resistant to sun damage and will remain in place for a number of years. However, like most construction materials, concrete won't last forever. Eventually, cracks will form and the overall integrity of the concrete surface will wear down. This deterioration is often caused by salt and chemicals in your pool water that splash on the pool deck. While simply sealing cracks and resurfacing with more concrete is an option when your pool deck needs repairs, it is not the best option. If you're looking to improve the look and the feel of your pool deck, you might want to consider installing a Kool Deck pool deck.

Why Switch to Kool Decks?
Kool Decks are unlike any other pool deck material available on the market today. Since the 1960s, Kool Decks has been a great alternative to standard concrete deck sealers. What makes this type of deck so unique is the fact that it offers top quality durability, and keeps your pool deck surface feeling cool to the touch of bare feet, even in direct sunlight! It is easily applied to new and old concrete, maintains a natural concrete appearance and is extremely durable. One feature that sets Kool Decks apart from other pool deck sealers is the fact that it actually keeps your deck cool. Even bright, reflective concrete and concrete sealers happen to get very warm in the sun. Imagine having the durability of a concrete pool deck and no fear of stepping out on a hot pool deck when the sun is shining. With Kool Decks durability and comfort come standard.

If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your pool deck by having a Kool Deck surface installed, contact the pros at Pool Problems? to handle your Kool Deck installation. Our team is highly experienced when it comes to installation of this remarkable pool deck product. To learn more, or to arrange for a free estimate, contact Doug at Pool Problems? today!

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