Pool & Spa LED Lighting Benefits & Features

New lighting for any pool and spa area can turn any backyard into a 24/7 playground. You can enhance the look and appeal of your pool and spa with the latest and best items for outdoor pool lighting available from Pool Problems. Our pool experts can help you determine which type of lighting will best suit your needs and preferences, and we will be happy to provide full pool & spa lighting installation services as well. The only question you may have is what kind of lighting will best suit your pool & spa. Below you'll find some helpful suggestions.

LED Lighting
One of the best new features to come along in the realm of pool & spa lighting happens to be new LED lighting technology. In the past, light bulbs in submerged light fixtures along with deck lighting required frequent changing that was usually time-consuming and inconvenient to the average pool owner. Even older spa lighting could be a real hassle when the time came to change the bulbs or fixtures. With reliable, long-lasting LED lighting, you will rarely have to change your pool or spa lights at all. In addition to their longevity, an LED bulb is one of the most compact and low profile light sources available. That means they can be extremely versatile when it comes to fitting into different light fixtures. Furthermore, you can easily add a little color to your pool & spa lighting with an LED bulb, without having to buy additional bulbs or filters.

Swim Safety
One of the best features a new set of LED pool & spa lighting offers is enhanced safety. LEDs can shine a whole lot brighter than a traditional incandescent bulb, or even a halogen bulb. This means you can swim well into the night without sacrificing visibility under water. The LED can also burn for a number of hours without getting hot, meaning the level of safety they offer is far superior to their older counterparts. If you are in the market for some new pool & spa lighting, be sure to check out what a new LED fixture has to offer.

Pool Problems? will be happy to provide full pool & spa lighting installation services for all of your new pool & spa lighting. To arrange for a free estimate on our services, be sure to contact Doug at Pool Problems? today!

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