Best Pool Cleaning Solutions

As most pools are located outdoors, the likelihood of stains and unsightly marks caused by natural material such as leaves, berries and dirt is somewhat high. There are also instances where calcium and metal stains occur on pool and pool deck surfaces caused by chemicals found in the pool water itself. Over time, these stains can cause your pool and the surrounding area to look unappealing. In order to combat these stains before they become a major problem, it is important to know what type of cleaning method will be most effective against certain stains.

Chemical and Metal Stains
For issues like rust and other mineral stains, chlorine stains and deeply embedded dirt stains, an acid wash is ideal for plaster surfaces. By removing a thin layer of the plaster completely, you will be able to bring back the bright new finish you had when you first installed your pool or spa. Pool & spa acid washes are great for removing surface stains of any type, but are less effective at removing deeper organic stains like algae. In many cases, pool owners will opt to have an acid wash and a chlorine rinse performed to thoroughly remove any and all possible stains from their pool & spa surfaces.

Interior Pool Stains
A pool & spa chlorine wash is highly effective when it comes to the complete removal of one particular type of stain. To perform a chlorine wash, your pool or spa must be completely drained, so a coating of chlorine chemicals can be coated around all the surfaces of your pool or spa. Once the coating has been applied by a professional spraying tool, it can be rinsed off. As the chlorine coating is rinsed, it will completely remove any algae stain that had become embedded into the pool surface. Chlorine rinses are really only effective at removing algae in particular. If you are dealing with more extensive stains and water discoloration, you may want to consider a different type of pool & spa chemical wash.

If you are in need of a major, one time pool cleaning to get rid of any unsightly stains that have built up over time, feel free to contact the experts at Pool Problems? today. We have all the necessary skills and experience to ensure your pool will end up looking its very best. To learn more, or to arrange for a free estimate, contact Doug at Pool Problems? today!

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