Common Pool Plumbing Repairs

A pool relies on proper water circulation to keep the pool clean and at a proper temperature if you happen to have a pool heater. When proper water circulation is not present, the pool will likely develop a few issues connected with damaged plumbing systems. Fortunately, if you have an issue with your pool plumbing that needs to be fixed, the experts at Pool Problems? can handle virtually any issue, big or small. Below you'll find some examples of plumbing issues our experts have encountered in the past, and how we go about solving the problem.

Pool return jets should only pump water back into a pool. If you start to notice air bubbles coming from the jets on a regular basis, you might have a broken seal in the pool plumbing. This is also a sign of a clog in your skimmer intake system that will need to be located and cleared. Before you call in an expert, however, you should check to make sure all caps and connections around your pump, particularly the clear lid on top of your pump, are sealed tightly so air can't get into the system as water leaks out.

Practically all pool filters come with some type of water pressure gauge. If you don't have a gauge located on top of your pool's filter, you may want to invest in one. They are a great indicator of the status of your pool water circulation. For the most part, a pool's ideal water pressure will be somewhere around 20 psi. If you notice a drop or a rise in the pressure level that lasts for a consistent period of time it can indicate a problem. Low pressure can indicate a leak in the pool plumbing at any point in the system. High pressure can indicate a clog in the system. These issues can be identified and quickly fixed by a professional, but they must be addressed immediately to avoid further issues.

If you suspect an issue with your pool plumbing, be sure to get some expert help to diagnose the problem and make the appropriate repairs. At Pool Problems? We offer free estimates on all of our work, so don't hesitate to contact us if you suspect your pool plumbing may be in need of repairs. For more information, visit our website, or contact Doug at Pool Problems? via telephone today.

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