Is it Time for New Waterline Tiles?

A clean and well-maintained pool is a great feature to have on any property. Pool owners can take great pride in a pool that looks it's best at all times. In order to keep your pool looking great, it is important to make sure all pool features are well looked after. Whether they are in pristine condition, or if they have seen better days, your waterline tiles are often one of the more noticeable features in any pool. If you're considering whether or not to simply clean and repair, or replace your pool's waterline tiles, the following tips may help you determine whether or not it is time for new waterline tiles to be installed.

Extent of Damage
One of the major causes for waterline tile damage is the sun itself. Over the years, even the most well installed waterline tiles may start to break down after prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. You may notice the color on the tiles has begun to fade. When this occurs, it is a good sign that the tile finish has also begun to wear off. You can usually tell when this has happened by running your fingers across the face of the tile. If you notice the smooth finish is gone, it is a good sign the tiles are on their last legs. Once the protective finish has completely worn off, the tile will start to crack and deteriorate more rapidly. This is a good sign that its time to call for new waterline tile installation.

In some cases, the damage may not be as extensive. Your pool contains a certain amount of potentially harsh chemicals at all times. Chlorine in particular can become corrosive to waterline tiles if there is a highly concentrated amount in the pool. In most cases, a buildup of chlorine can simply cause minor calcium stains to appear on the waterline tiles. You may start to notice some minor discoloration at the surface of the water. While this is not the most attractive way for your waterline tiles to appear, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to get brand new replacements. Plenty of professional pool services offer state of the art waterline tile cleaning services. If the tile is merely stained, but the finish is not yet compromised, you can probably get more life out of your tiles by having them professionally cleaned.

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