When Do I Need To Drain My Pool?

For the most part, a properly functioning and well-maintained pool filtration system will keep your pool water at an ideal state of cleanliness. However, there are some occasions when you may have to drain your pool entirely. Knowing when the appropriate time to do so can be very helpful to a pool owner. One thing to keep in mind is that draining a pool completely can be a very serious undertaking. Although you may feel prepared to complete the draining process on your own, it is best to get an experienced professional to help. Pool and spa draining using proper submersible pumps handled by trained technicians will leave less margin for error that can potentially lead to significant property damage and flooding in your yard.

When to Drain
One of the most common reasons for pool owners (especially in-ground pool owners) to drain their pools completely is to keep the water at its highest level of cleanliness at all times. Although chemicals like chlorine are used to effectively filter out any impurities in your pool water, eventually there will come a point where your filtration system will be inadequate. After a number of years, depending on the pool's usage, the water will have been exposed to too many chemicals and biological debris including dead skin, hair as well as dirt and leaves. After about 5 to 7 years the only way to make sure the pool still contains clean water is to drain it completely and refill it.

When Not to Drain
Although completely draining a pool or spa using a submersible pump is something that all pools will require at some point, it is never necessary to drain your pool to have it cleaned. Professional pool cleaners can and should always be able to clean your pool when it is filled with water. Unless you require a complete refinishing job on your pool's interior, there aren't many reasons why a pool or spa needs to be fully drained to clean the interior. Furthermore, if you do happen to require a complete drain of your pool or spa water, it is best to have this done during a milder point in the spring and summer seasons. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can actually damage your pool's interior.

At Pool Problems? our team has all the necessary knowledge and equipment to help you determine when the right time to drain your pool will be and to get the job done properly. For more information about our pool and spa draining service using fully submersible pumps, be sure to contact Doug at Pool Problems? today!

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