Saltwater Pool Filter Pros and Cons

If you haven't thought about making the switch to a salt water pool system yet, you might want to consider some of the following pros and cons of doing so. Traditional chlorine pool systems are certainly effective, but they require much more maintenance and labor compared to an automated salt water filtration system. As the technology behind salt water pool filtration has vastly improved over the past few years, now is the perfect time to make the switch if you decide a salt water filter is right for your pool. Before we get into the major pros and cons of a salt water system, there is a key detail about this filtration system you should be aware of. Foremost is the fact that salt water filters don't actually turn your pool water salty. The salt content in the pool water is actually minimal due to the fact that the filter actually converts the salt into chlorine.

Because of the way a salt water filter functions, pool owners never have to worry about manually controlling the chlorine content in their pool water. Even the most basic saltwater filters will monitor the chlorine content in the pool water, and add or dilute the chemicals as needed. Simply put, a modern saltwater filter will automatically keep your pool water at its cleanest level at all times. This means pool owners can save money by not having to purchase or handle additional chlorine since the filter automatically produces the correct amount.

As far as pool enjoyment goes, a saltwater filter can greatly enhance a swimmer's experience in your pool. The water that gets filtered using converted salt rather than concentrated chlorine is much gentler on a person's skin and eyes. This makes it easier to spend more time in the water, and swimmers won't have to worry about smelling like chlorine after they leave the water and dry off.

One notable con associated with installing any new saltwater filtration system happens to be the cost. Since the system is somewhat technical, it will require a professional pool technician to perform the installation. This adds to the considerable up-front cost of the mechanism itself. Although pool owners can save on chlorine and other chemical purchases in the long term, they should be prepared for the significant short-term expense. For the most part, this initial cost turns out to be well worth the expense, since salt water filters are extremely low maintenance systems that allow pool owners to spend more time enjoying their pools rather than looking after them.

If you are interested in enlisting the friendly experts at Pool Problems? to help you make the switch to a salt water pool filtration system, be sure to contact Doug today and arrange for a free estimate on the project. 

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