Common Causes of Pool and Spa Leaks

A well-maintained pool or spa always adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property and can be quite enjoyable for yourself and anyone else you happen to invite over. There are some cases where a pool and spa can become troublesome, however, especially if they haven't been well maintained for an extended period. One major issue facing pool and spa owners is the possibility of water leakage. If a leak forms at any time and it is not found and repaired quickly, it can lead to a lot of other potentially expensive and dangerous problems in the future. At Pool Problems? we specialize in providing fast and reliable pool and spa leak detection and repairs. The trick is determining whether or not your pool or spa is in fact leaking.

Damaged Pool and Spa Deck Edge
One common sign of water leaks can be found in cracks on or around the edge of a pool deck and siding. There are many materials used to build pool and spa decks, all of which eventually deteriorate due to exposure to water, sunlight and even the chemicals used to keep your pool water clean. If you notice cracks forming on your waterline tiles, pebble or white plaster deck, or the concrete around your pool or spa, this can be an early sign of a potentially serious leak.

Constant Need to Refill
Every now and then a pool will require a top-up of water to keep the system running properly. Typically, a pool should be filled to the point where water covers about two-thirds of the opening of the skimmer intake, located on the side of the pool. Similarly, a spa should be filled with water close to the surface at all times. If you find that you're dropping a hose in your pool or spa to keep it filled at least once a week, this is a good sign that some sort of leak has formed.

Deteriorating Water Features
You can really enhance the appearance of your pool and spa with a well-designed water feature located in or around the pool. Cascading fountains and waterfalls can be eye-catching and add a lot of appeal to the pool and spa area. If these features have been around for a while, however, you may run into problems with leaks. Old plumbing and water seals on the feature may crack and deteriorate, causing leaks to form in areas you may not think to look.

Pool Problems? Can offer customers free estimates for all of our work, including pool and spa leak detection & repairs. If you feel you may have a leak forming in or around your pool or spa, make sure to contact Doug at Pool Problems? today to get that leak taken care of. 

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