Making the Switch to a Salt Water Pool Filter

After being on the market for a few decades, it is becoming clear that salt water filtered pools are much more preferable to traditional chlorine filters. Although they are known as saltwater filters, they are actually just a different type of chlorine filter. Rather than directly placing chlorine chemicals into the pool, however, a saltwater filter chemically converts salt into chlorine to keep the water clean. By converting salt, the filter is able to keep the pool clean without overcompensating on chlorine levels. What pool owners are left with is clean water that is less irritating on the eyes and skin, providing a more enjoyable swim.
Pool owners may have started to hear more and more about the benefits of a salt water pool filter system over the years. This probably has them asking themselves whether it is worth it to make the switch from a traditional chlorine filter to a new saltwater filter. To help you learn more about the salt water filter before you decide whether or not to make the change, take a look at some of the general information comparing saltwater filters to traditional chlorine pool filters.

Because of the way a salt water filter functions, pool owners never have to worry about manually controlling the chlorine content in their pool water. Even the most basic saltwater filters will monitor the chlorine content in the pool water, and add or dilute the chemicals as needed. Simply put, a modern saltwater filter will automatically keep your pool water at its cleanest level at all times. This means pool owners can save money by not having to purchase or handle additional chlorine since the filter automatically produces the correct amount. The low maintenance associated with a saltwater pool filter makes it an extremely attractive option for those who love their pool and would rather spend time swimming than on constant pool upkeep.

Sometimes people are hesitant to make a major change to their pool filter as long as the existing unit is getting the job done adequately. The cost of switching is usually one of the biggest deterrents associated with salt water pool filters. Although the upfront cost can be significant, a saltwater pool filter can actually help you save money on additional chemicals and maintenance costs in the future. Much like a brand new appliance will eventually help you save money on energy, the salt water pool filter can become a cost-effective option in little to no time thanks to its superior filtration efficiency that uses less harmful chemicals over an extended period of time.

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